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    Youth, Women and PWDs

  • Public Procurement and Disposal Act

    PPOA Circulars

    Public Procurement & Disposal Regulations

    Youth, Women and PWDs

  • Public Procurement and Disposal Act

    PPOA Circulars

    Public Procurement & Disposal Regulations

    Youth, Women and PWDs

  1. AAR Insurance Kenya Limited.
  2. Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited.
  3. AIG Kenya Insurance Company Limited.
  4. Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited.
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  15. Intra Africa Assurance Company Limited.
  16. Invesco Insurance Company Limited.
  17. Kenindia Assurance Company Limited.
  18. Kenyan Orient Insurance Company Limited.
  19. Madison Insurance Company Limited.
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  21. Occidental Insurance Company Limited.
  22. Pacis Insurance Company Limited.
  23. Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Company Limited.
  24. Pioneer General Insurance Company Ltd.
  25. Resolution Insurance Company Limited.
  26. Saham Assurance Company (K) Limited.
  27. Sanlam General Insurance Limited.
  28. Takaful Insurance of Africa Limited.
  29. Tausi Assurance Company Limited.
  30. The Heritage Insurance Company Limited
  31. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited.
  32. The Kenya Alliance Insurance Company Limited
  33. The Monarch Insurance Company Limited.
  34. Trident Insurance Company Limited.
  35. UAP Insurance Company Limited.
  36. Xplico Insurance Company Limited.


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The Treasury Circular No . 02/2016 dated 29th March, 2016 issued Under cover of letter Ref. No .NT/PPD.1/2/02/PART1 11(75) sets out the guidelines for operationalization of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015. It is incumbent upon procuring entities to ensure that the Act is implemented as guided in the aforementioned Treasury Circular.

As part of continuous transformation of the public procurement system, the Act contains provisions that seek to make available information on procurement and disposal issues to stakeholders such as Parliament and the public.

The Authority through this circular brings to the attention of the Procuring Entities the following various reports to be submitted to it (the Authority) under the Act.

Reports on General Procurement Transactions
1. Terminations of Procurement and Asset Disposal Proceedings
2. Direct procurements of a value exceeding Kshs. 500,000/=.
3. Disposal of public asset(s) to employees.
4. Contract awards
5. Contract Amendment/Variation
6. Report on seeking approval for use of Alternative Selection
Method other than Quality Cost Based Selection (QCBS) for
Consultancy services
Report on Preferences and Reservation scheme
7. Quarterly Report on all contract awards where Preferences and
Reservation scheme is used including Preferences and
Reservations Scheme for Disadvantaged Groups (Youth, Women
& Persons with Disability); Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises;
Identified Regions; Citizen Contractors; Resident
Suppliers/Contractors at the County levels; Bias to Local
Participation (40%) on International Tenders and other
categories as may be prescribed in the Regulations.
8. Six (6) Months report (July to December; due by mid-January
and January to June; due by mid-July of every Financial Year)
on Preferences and Reservation of contracts awarded to Youth,
Women and Persons with Disabilities.
9. Part of the Annual Procurement Plan demonstrating
procurements set aside under the Preference and Reservation

In order to comply with the aforementioned mandatory reporting requirements, Accounting Officers are required to submit the above stated reports to the Authority in accordance with the format and timelines prescribed in the Act, attendant subsidiary legislations and this circular.

Each report should be submitted in both soft and hard copy. While the hard copy must be duly signed by the authorized officer, unsigned softcopy is acceptable. The softcopy of the report must be submitted in excel (and not in PDF) and should be sent through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note that this circular supersedes all previous circulars on mandatory reporting requirements issued under the repealed Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all officers involved in the Public Procurement and Disposal System within your jurisdiction.

A summary of the required reports including the reporting templates are attached to this circular and are numbered pages1-16.

Download / View the reporting templates here.

Maurice Juma, MBS

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (the Authority) established under the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015(the Act) is mandated to among others: monitor the public procurement and disposal system, report on its overall functioning, and recommend areas of improvement. To this end, the Authority embarked on the process of conducting a country procurement assessment (the Assessment) Using OECD – DAC Joint Venture Methodology whose objective is to identify weaknesses in the legal framework and in the applications in order to come up with recommendations for improvements and remedial measures against weaknesses and irregularities in the system.

Due to the complexity and specialized nature of the assignment; independence and the relevance of the results/report locally and internationally, GIZ extended technical assistance to the Authority by engaging a consultant to manage the assessment cited above. As part of the scope of the assignment, the consultant was expected to prepare TORs and RFP document; spearhead planning, and manage the contract to ensure that the contracted firm delivers the assignment.

The consultant identified for the above assignment offered technical expertise in the processing of the Expression of Interest and preparation of the terms of reference and request for proposal document used to source bids/proposal. The process of identifying and engaging a firm to conduct the assessment has since been concluded and the Authority signed a contract agreement with successful bidder, to conduct the assessment. Note that the scope of the assignment was 34 days and the initial consultant has since implemented 16 days with 18 days remaining to conclusion. However, the GIZ program under which the initial consultant contract was anchored ended before the assessment was concluded.

Arising from above, the Authority intends to procure the service of the initial consultant to manage the assessment for the remaining phase through Single Source Selection method in accordance with Section 124(12)(b) of the Act as the tasks to be carried out represent a natural continuation of previous work/tasks carried out by the initial consultant, contracted by GIZ.

This intention notice to single source is made pursuant to Section 124 (14) of the Act and interested persons are required to submit their interest enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked with the relevant Number and Name and should be deposited in the Tender Box provided at PPRA Office on the 10th floor, National Bank Building, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi so as to be received on or before Thursday, 8 th February, 2018 at 10.00 a.m. and addressed to:

The Director-General,

Public Procurement Regulatory Authority,

P. O. Box 58535 – 00200,



As you are aware, the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015(the Act) came into force with effect from 7th January, 2016. The Act was enacted by Parliament to operationalize the provisions of Article 227 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Section 157 (12) & (13) of the Act instructs procuring entities at the national and county level to submit reports to the Authority every six (6) months demonstrating compliance with the legal provisions on implementation of the preferences and reservation scheme. The report should be disaggregated to indicate the number of youth, women and persons with disability from whom goods, works and services have been procured by the procuring entity as required under section 157 (13) (b) of the Act. This is a mandatory report to be submitted to the Authority to enable preparation of a report to Parliament pursuant to Section 157 (14) of the Act.

To this end, Accounting Officers are required to submit the stated report by 14th day of July and 14th day January of each financial year respectively unless otherwise advised in conformity to the enclosed format.

The report for the period January-June, 2016 was due on 14th July, 2016. Kindly expedite to forward your reports without further delay with strict adherence to the date specified in the letter issued to the respective procuring entity.

The soft excel copy of the report should be sent through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as per the attached format.

You can download and use the attchment below, which is in excel format: